Tap Water Safe

Tap Water Safety

Water is essential for everyone, and we appreciate it when cities worldwide make it convenient for tourists to access and enjoy water in hotels, homes, and parks.

Is the tap water drinkable?

In our research on tap water safety in each city, we rely on trusted sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Environmental Performance Index (EPI), UNESCO water reports, and local water authorities.

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In addition to public research, we value your observations while traveling or living in cities. You can share your experiences with drinking water in any city by sending us a review.


World Water Day

World Water Day happens every year on March 22nd. It's a special day recognized by the United Nations to remind everyone how important fresh water is.


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The goal is to promote the careful use of water resources so we can have enough clean water for everyone. Each year has a different theme, usually about things like clean water, good hygiene, and proper sanitation.

The UN also releases a report called the World Water Development Report around this time to share important information about water.


Water is both simple and complex, depending on factors such as household water pipes, water cleaning systems, and government regulations. Below, you'll find some charts related to popular cities to visit.

Drinking Fountains

See the cities with the highest number of public water fountains installed.

  1. Tokyo 🇯🇵
  2. Madrid 🇪🇸
  3. Rome 🇮🇹
  4. Sydney 🇦🇺
  5. Nairobi 🇰🇪
  6. Melbourne 🇦🇺
  7. Barcelona 🇪🇸
  8. Budapest 🇭🇺
  9. New York 🇺🇸
  10. Osaka 🇯🇵

Best Water Quality

Explore cities located in countries with the highest water quality based on EPI results.

  1. Amsterdam 🇳🇱
  2. Athens 🇬🇷
  3. Dublin 🇮🇪
  4. Edinburgh 🇬🇧
  5. London 🇬🇧
  6. Melbourne 🇦🇺
  7. Oslo 🇳🇴
  8. Santorini 🇬🇷
  9. Sydney 🇦🇺
  10. Zurich 🇨🇭

Nearby Cities

Based on your estimated location, we have checked the following cities near you. If you can't find your city, please check our sitemap to see all the cities we have researched.

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What is Tap Water?

Tap water is the water that comes out when you turn on the faucet or tap at home or in a public place like a school or park.

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It's the water we use for drinking, cooking, washing our hands, and taking showers or baths. Tap water usually comes from big sources like rivers, lakes, or underground wells.

But before it comes out of our taps, it goes through a process called treatment. During treatment, the water gets cleaned to make sure it's safe for us to use.

This means getting rid of things like dirt, germs, and chemicals that might not be good for us. So, tap water is basically clean water that we can easily get from our taps whenever we need it!

World Map

Here on our world map, you can check out some of the most popular tourist destinations and find out about the safety of their tap water.

A blue dot means the tap water is generally safe to drink, while an orange dot means it's better to avoid drinking the tap water.

You can click on the colored dots to learn more about specific places. Remember, it's always important to check with the local government for the current water situation if you're in doubt.